Someone Holding Colour Powder

A little (r) with a lot of work behind it.

Ministry of Colours - new logo

We received some really great news through the post today.  Our request to register Ministry of Colours as a trademark has been accepted by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO).

Designing our own brand to accompany our unique colour powder products was really important to us.  Right from the outset of this project we wanted to stand-out from the crowd.  We wanted to look professional where perhaps other suppliers don't, and we needed a brand that reflected this. 

The whole IPO process is a little bit nerve wracking.  We had done the work before we chose the name and logo to make sure there was nothing in the public realm that looked similar.  However, there was always a chance someone would raise an issue with our trademark request. Thankfully no one did.  Phew!

So, from this moment forth we shall be using the little ® in conjunction with our logo.  Now, we just need to remember all the places we've used it the logo so we can start adding the little r!