At Home

Do you love the look of the enjoyment colour powder provides but don’t want to attend a big event? Then don’t worry as we can bring the colour powder to your in your own back garden with our At Home colour powder packs!

There are a range of ways to use our colour powder at home. Organise a fun and
memorable birthday party in the back garden for your child. Encourage them to engage
in some messy play with colour powder to foster curiosity and imagination. Get creative
with colour powder to make art projects. Or simply entertain them on a hot summer's day by letting them run wild with colour powder! Perhaps invite friends and family over to host a colour powder photoshoot and capture vibrant and joyful memories in unique

There’s no need to worry about the clean up either as our throwing powder washes away with ease. It’s also safe, non-toxic and made from natural ingredients, making it ideal for children of all ages to use. So what are you waiting for? Bring the fun and enjoyment of colour powder to your home and let your imagination run wild with the endless possibilities our powder can provide.