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FAQs - Frequently asked Questions

Safety and cleaning

Is Ministry of Colours Holi colour powder safe?

In a word, yes. Our colour powder is non-flammable and non-toxic.  It is the safest colour powder currently available on the UK market.  We work with our supplier to ensure the quality of our colour powder.  It is created in an ISO 9001 certified factory in India, using corn starch and natural dyes to ensure the safest product possible. Read and download the Ministry of Colours Safety Data Sheet.

Does the colour powder stain clothing?

Like any other colour powder, Ministry of Colours colour powder can stain clothing.  Please be aware of this when using the colour powder and advise participants to wear clothing they don't mind having more colours on them after the event than before!.  If you are organising a colour powder event, why not provide a branded T-shirt as part of your event pack - it will provide a fun and lasting memento of the day?

Can I wash colour powder out of my hair?

Yes you can!  Rinse your hair with cold water first to remove as much as possible, then wash using a good quality shampoo.

You can also use a conditioner/oil before the event - apply liberally to your hair and leave in for the event.  This helps create a barrier between the colour powder and your hair.  Alternatively, wear a hat, scarf or fun wig (we supply crazy-colours and styles).

Does the colour powder wash off floors, buildings and plants?

More colour powder will be found at the colour stations and finish - perhaps consider putting down plastic sheeting in these areas?

However, Mother Nature should rid all areas of the colour powder after it rains and our colour powder does not contain anything harmful to the environment. Perhaps consider using a leaf blower to collect together excess powder post event? A jet wash is also a great way to clean any unwanted colour powder away quickly.  

How is your Holi colour powder made?

Our colour powder is made the traditional way, just corn starch and natural vegetable or food-grade dyes.  We have however gone that extra step to ensure our colour powder is non-flammable and non-toxic.  We thought this was essential to make our product perfect for the modern marketplace.

Is colour powder safe for children to use?

Ministry of Colours colour powder is safe for everyone to use.  However, we do recommend that younger children are not left alone to play with colour powder.

Please read and download our full colour powder product Safety and Cleaning Datasheet for further information.

If you are in any doubt about the safety or cleaning of Ministry of Colours colour powder then please contact us

Buying colour powder from Ministry of Colours

Can I buy the colour powder in bulk?

We sell our standard non-flammable colour powder in 5kg bags.  You can choose from 7 different vibrant colours. The bags are made from toughened transparent plastic and include a string handle for ease of carrying.  These bags of powder are ideal for large colour powder events where the powder can be shared by the handful, or by using disposable cups to throw the powder.

Can I buy individual packets of Holi coloured powder?

You can buy individual 100g packets of the Ministry of Colours colour powder.  We sell packets of our standard non-flammable powder, which you can mix and match from 7 vibrant colours.  Packets of colour powder are a great way to involve everyone at a smaller colour party, Holi celebration, or fundraising event.  You can also include them in an event pack, along with sunglasses, T-shirts, and a running number.

Do you sell colour powder in colour fountains?

We do!  Ministry of Colours colour powder fountains are an excellent way to really make an impression at your colour powder event or gender reveal parties.  We stock all 7 colours of the powder in colour fountains.  The fountains look great when let off at the start of an event, or as part of a finish-line celebration.  Please refer to these operating instructions and read the colour fountain labelling before use.

What colours of Holi colour powder are available?

Our non-flammable coloured powder is available in 7 bright colours: green, purple, blue, red, orange, yellow and pink.  You can buy the colour powder in bulk 5kg bags, or as individual 100g packets.  View more information on our coloured powder here.

Do you deliver colour powder to the whole of the UK and Ireland?

Our network of couriers can deliver across the UK, Ireland and the EU. Please refer to our Shipping and Returns page for information on delivery costs and timing.  Please note that bulk powder deliveries in excess of 8 cartons (160kgs plus) will arrive on a pallet. You should make plans to be ready to receive this when ordering large quantities of colour powder.

Do you supply Holi festivals with colour powder?

We supply our colour powder to Holi festivals across the UK and Ireland. We find the combination of bulk colour powder and colour powder in 100g packets works well for these colourful celebrations for the beginning of Spring.

Do you supply colour runs and other fundraising events with colour powder?

We are the largest supplier of safe colour powder to fundraising events large and small.  We have partnered with charities across the UK and Ireland to advise on the best way to generate an exciting event for the participants. 

Is Holi powder the same as colour powder?

Colour powder comes with many names.  Traditionally the colour powder was first used by the Hindu faith as part of Holi festival celebrations, hence the colour powder is sometimes called 'Holi Powder'.  It is also referred to as 'Gulal powder'.  Our colour powder builds on this great tradition by still being manufactured in India and follows modern processes to ensure the safety of the Ministry of Colours colour powder. 

Can I buy your colour powder online?

You can securely purchase our colour powder in 5kg bulk bags, 1kg bags 100g packets, 70g packets or colour powder fountains via this website. We also sell a number of exciting accessories to make your colour powder event a success - sun visors, sunglasses, T-shirts, wristbands, headbands... and more!

Do you offer discounts on bulk purchase of colour powder?

We price our colour powder competitively to ensure our customers get the best deal possible.  If you receive a better like-for-like price from another supplier we will be very happy to try and price match where possible. Please be aware that our colour powder is a unique product.  It is the only non-flammable colour powder available in the UK.  Please be aware of cheap, potentially dangerous imitations.

What are your delivery times?

We try to maintain a one-to-two day delivery service as standard for all our shipments, however delivery networks are still under strain and this can result in delays - if your colour powder is needed on a particular date do try and order in plenty of time or give us a call or email us on hello@ministryofcolours.com to discuss options.

We can offer a next day service, but there is an extra charge for this. Please see our Shipping and Returns information for full detailsAll delivery times are subject to availability of product and location of shipping address. All orders placed after 12 noon will be dispatched, subject to availability, the next working day (weekends and public holidays excepted).

What is your returns policy?

We are happy to discuss the return of goods if they are not to your satisfaction.  We look at each request on a case-by-case basis.  If you are unhappy with you order and would like to discuss returning your products please contact us.

How do I organise my own colour powder event?

How much colour powder do I need?

How much powder you need is very much dependent on the size and type of event you are creating. Please refer to our blog post that provides information on quantities we think you will need.