Megan in her wedding dress covered in colour powder

🌈Megan's Colour Powder Divorce Party🌵

After a tumultuous journey over the last 18 months filled with stress, upset and understandable dificulties, Megan decided to reclaim her life and celebrate the start of a new chapter. Ministry of Colours had the opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary celebration - a Colour Powder Divorce Party. Megan has given us permission to share her story about how she turned a difficult experience into a remarkable and empowering event.

Megan's Colour Powder Divorce Party 


Megan in her wedding dress covered in colour powder
Seeking a fresh start and a chance to celebrate, Megan decided to combine her 31st birthday with a divorce party. With the previous year's challenges hindering the opportunity to celebrate turning 30, this joint occasion allowed for a much-needed reset and an opportunity to embrace the beginning of her new life.

New beginnings 

Megan's friends throwing colour powder at her
''My wedding dress was beautiful, it took me a very long time to find it and I really wanted to be able to have some happy photos of it! This is when the idea came to me…. Powder paint party!"

An unforgettable act of kindness 

Megan and her friends after the colour powder has been thrown
Having no intention of passing on her wedding dress, as it is believed to bring bad luck, Megan found a remarkable way to give their dress a new purpose. She reached out to a local organisation dedicated to crafting dresses and casket covers for babies born sleeping. This act of kindness would allow the dress to bring comfort and solace to grieving families in need.
"I didn’t want to pass my dress (bad luck) on to another bride. So I decided at this point I wanted the dress to be of some use, so I contacted a local charity ‘Florries Army in Remembrance’, a charity that makes dresses and casket covers for babies born sleeping. And I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do. Such a beautiful charity.''

A totally unique celebration 

Colour powder all ready to be thrown in tubs on a table
"I contacted Ministry of Colours who were fabulous from the very first moment."

Once the party concluded, the dress was carefully washed, restoring it to its original hue. Set to embark on a new journey, it now makes its way to 'Florries Army in Remembrance' where it will be transformed into gowns and casket covers, bringing comfort and solace to the little angels and their families. Our customer eagerly awaits updates and photographs, knowing that their dress will continue to create beautiful memories for these precious families.

Stain-free and ready to donate!

Megan's wedding dress
The beautiful dress after being washed, all ready to be donated.
All of the Ministry of Colours team would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Megan for sharing her story and giving us permission to share with you all.