A woman dressed in a dia de lost muertos costume putting facepaint on a young girl

Colourful Halloween Costume Ideas

We’re officially over halfway through October and you know what that means, Halloween is just around the corner! We’re incredibly excited for Halloween here at the MoC office and have been brainstorming our Halloween costume ideas for weeks now. 

We thought of all the usual Halloween costumes that you see every year, witches, mummies, werewolves etc. But then we thought, why not go a bit more colourful? Thanks to our new UV colour powder, any Halloween costume can instantly be transformed into something bright and fluorescent, bringing some fun to your after dark activities. 

So if you’re searching for a last minute, easy Halloween costume idea for kids or adults, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Let’s bring some colour to this Halloween!

Hand holding out UV orange colour powder in the dark

Neon Skeleton 

A skeleton is a simple, yet effective costume and screams Halloween. But who says they have to be black and white? We definitely don’t! Ditch the boring old monochromatic skeleton costume and instead grab some of our neon green or neon orange UV colour powder, a black t-shirt and black trousers. 

Draw out your skeleton design on the t-shirt and trousers with some glue and pour the powder over. Once dried and ready to be worn, paint your face with a spooky skeleton head and there you have it, a scary, simple but electrifying Halloween costume!

Dia de los Muertos

The Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) is a holiday traditionally celebrated in Mexico, full of life and colour. It’s common during this celebration for people to paint their faces with a colourful sugar skull design, wear bright clothing and floral headbands and hats.

Taking inspiration from this vibrant celebration will make for a fun and easy Halloween costume and creates a chance to get a bit creative with your sugar skull face paint. To make it extra fun and bright, why not incorporate some of our UV colour powder into your makeup? This is bound to make your costume stand out after dark!

A woman in a day of the dead costume painting the face of a young girl

80s Pop Star

Travel back in time to the era of neon with this easy 80s pop star Halloween costume idea. Our tip is that the more colour you can include, the better for this costume! Think bright legwarmers, neon leotards or t-shirts and of course, you can’t forget the accessories. You’ll need a neon pair of sunglasses for sure, bold jewellery and a headband to match your big hairstyle.

A woman dressed in an 80s style costume carrying a boombox and yoga mat


Now this one may be the simplest Halloween costume out of the bunch, but it’s still a colourful consideration. Turn yourself into your own living work of art by starting with an apron or some oversized clothing. Then, here comes the fun part! Taking some of our colour powder (choose any colours you like) throw them all over the clothing like paint splatters and with the addition of a paint palette and a brush as props, you’ve got the perfect, easy to put together costume for Halloween night.

Two young children dressed as artists with a paintbrush and pallette

So, there you have it! With these colourful and vibrant Halloween costume ideas, you can let your creativity run wild, whether you’re making one for yourself or for your children. Whoever it’s for they’re bound to have heads turning, especially with the addition of our UV colour powder! Well guys, gals and ghouls, we hope you all have a colourful and spooktacular Halloween! May your night be full of scares, laughter and plenty of sweets and chocolate!