Gender Reveal Colour Fountains

Gender Reveal Colour Fountains

- Pink

Looking for a fantastic and fun way to announce the exciting news to all your friends and family? Whether you are team pink or team blue, you'll be sure to have a blast when you use our Gender Reveal Colour Fountains.

These fountains are white on the outside, with no indication of the colour inside. We use the letters A and B to differentiate between the two options. If you want to order without finding out the gender yourself, please call us to discuss your options. 

Easy to use colour fountain, fire the colour powder in one continuous stream which lasts approximately 20 seconds.  

Please follow basic safety instructions;

  • Do not test before use.
  • Cannister must be in upright position to work properly. Do not tilt whilst in operation.
  • Connect black hose.
  • Remove safety pin.
  • Spray in one continuous jet otherwise pressure will be lost.

Size approx. 43cm high

4kg volume

3kg powder weight

In a bid to be more ecologically conscious, we are now offering recycling on colour fountain cannisters. Please get in touch for a returns label.

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