Mother and daughter at colour powder event

Community Children Count Case Study

We’re always interested to hear about our customers’ experiences with our products. How did they use them? What was the experience like? And importantly, how much fun did they have?

Well we’ve received some lovely feedback from Community Children Count in regards to their powder paint parties and how our colour powder has helped to bring people together to celebrate, no matter their differences, which is just wonderful!

Community Children Count are a charitable foundation that believes that every child deserves an equal opportunity. They’re aiming to raise funds and promote initiatives that help to improve opportunities for children in their local community in Tamworth. They’re always looking for volunteers to help, so if you live in the local area and would like to help, be sure to get in touch with them, it’s such a worthy cause!

One such event that has proven popular with kids and parents alike are their powder paint parties and it’s an honour that they chose our colour powder to use as part of the celebrations. We sent across some questions to them earlier this month to find out how the parties go down with the local community and we received some amazing feedback.

How Did You Use Our Colour Powder?

Community Children Count families look forward to and constantly ask when the next Powder Paint Party is and these events are always fully booked within minutes of opening up for bookings. Parents tell us that it's such a fun, different and engaging way for all the family of all ages and abilities to have fun together. A lot of the children that use our services have additional needs and these parties mean they can just be themselves and get their sensory needs met but also all the family can join in and enjoy.

Community Children Count use each colour to represent an additional need or difficulty ie Blue - Mental Health Issues, Green - Autisum, Red- ADHD, Purple- Physical disabilities etc. Children and adults pick the colour to suit them and then they throw all their different colours up in the air alongside everyone else to show that no matter our colour (Differences), if we all come together, accept ourselves and each other we can make something very beautiful as a community. 

Look at how much fun this looks! Here’s a look at how last years event went down.

Did you have any particular comments from attendees at the party?

Powder paint can really help communities and people come together. A lot of our volunteers have physical disabilities which can be challenging to make sure all events are fully inclusive but at our last Paint Party we had ladies in wheelchairs not just volunteering but joining in the throwing of paint too. They said ‘It's been a very long time since they felt fully included in the community due to their chairs but we were in the crowd with everyone else throwing that paint, smiling, laughing and fully engrossed in being part of something beautiful and inclusive. That felt amazing.’

Crowd throwing colour at a colour powder event

What made you choose Ministry of Colours For Your Colour Powder?

We haven't used it as a fundraising tool as yet but can see how it could be such a great tool and have plans for the future to use it.  We have used lots of different brands of powders including ordering from certain online shopping sites but Ministry Of Colour has always had the best quality. We wouldn't use anyone else now to order the powder we need. The team is very helpful, delivery is fast and the quality of the paint has always been amazing!

We can't thank Ministry Of Colour enough for helping us to create some amazing memories and opportunities for our Community children and families. Helping us to help children accept and love not just themselves but each other in such a simple and fun way.

Mother and child covered in colour powder at a colour event

I’m sure you’ll agree that the feedback received from Community Children Count is amazing and we’re so happy to know that our colour powder is helping children, parents and entire communities to come together, learn valuable lessons and have fun!  

We’d love to hear from more of our customers and how you use or used our products. Did you have a party like Community Children Count? Use them in a celebration of some kind? Or even as part of a sporting event, whatever the use, we want to know!

So if you’d like to be featured in one of our case studies in the future, please get in touch either by emailing us at using our contact us form or by calling us on 0330 321 3996.