Coventry City of Colour

Coventry City of Culture Celebrates with Colour

On Saturday 5th June 2021, a gloriously sunny Saturday, Coventry kickstarted their City of Culture 2021 celebrations in style with their first event - Coventry Moves.

Performers and artists from across the city came together (not too close though... thanks, Covid!) in true Coventry spirit to put on a fantastic online show for us all. Being the biggest event to go ahead since the start of lockdown restrictions, we knew we had to get involved!

Five of the performers, also known as the River Runners, follow the path of the “hidden” river Sherbourne, which flows under the city. They move through the city via parkour, dance and BMX biking, leaving a trail of Ministry of Colour’s bright blue colour powder in their path to signify the course of the river.

Along their journey, the River Runners meet 6 “Energies”, who embody the spirit of Coventry; Sustainability, Youthfulness, People Power, Innovation, Social Justice and Resilience. To see the River Runners and the Energies in action, watch the official video here.

What a great way to celebrate 2021’s City of Culture. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Coventry!