child in white t-shirt covered in colour powder

How To Preserve Your Colour Run T-Shirt


You’ve completed your colour run, had the best day ever and now you want a keepsake to remember how much fun you had?

Why not keep your colour blasted t-shirt as a souvenir? You could display it in a frame as your very own personal trophy or even add it to your wardrobe as a trendy, fashionable one-off design! Either way, it’s super easy to preserve your colourful tee - here’s how!

Step 1: No shaking!

We know how exciting it is finishing a colour fun run, but in order to keep as much of that bright colour powder on your top as possible, it’s best to keep the crazy dance moves for later! Avoid brushing and dusting off your t-shirt too, you want to keep the colour on your shirt, not your hands!

Step 2: Spray your shirt down with white vinegar

Make sure your tee is on a flat surface for this step. Even though dripping colours may be a cool look, the likelihood is they’ll muddle together to create a not so cool brown mess! Spray down every inch of your t-shirt in white vinegar until it’s properly soaked.

Step 3: Give your t-shirt an iron

Allow the white vinegar to partly dry before this step, and place an old sheet between your colour t-shirt and the iron to prevent any fabric burns. The heat and pressure from the iron helps to really sink that wonderful colour powder into the fibres of your tee.

Step 4: Pop your top in the dryer

Finish your masterpiece by throwing your vinegar soaked, crisply ironed tee into a hot dryer for 10 minutes. If you don’t have access to a tumble dryer, blast your shirt with a hairdryer until it’s dry. This allows the t-shirt to further absorb those colours, and keep them locked in!

You now have your very own unique keepsake to remember just how fun your colour run was! Remember to wash at 30℃ to prevent significant colour loss, although with every wash, your lovely colours will unfortunately start to dim. That’s the trouble with our completely washable colour powder - it’s both a blessing and a curse!

If you decide to try out this fun tip, tag us in your photos! We love seeing our social feed full of colour!