Party safely with non-flammable colour powder from Ministry of Colours

Our colour powder amongst the safest on the market - here's why

 Non-flammable colour powder from Ministry of Colours

Here at the Ministry of Colours we take safety seriously.

We also care for the environment. That’s why our new and market-leading colour powder is guaranteed to be safe and non-toxic.

It’s made from natural products, simply corn starch with food grade colourants – that means it is high grade and contains nothing that might be harmful or possibly carcinogenic.

Don't take our word for it.  A quick search of Google produced these results on the safety concerns surrounding colour powder and colour powder events.

Coloured Powder: A potentially explosive issue? - Safety and Health Practioner 2015

Powder Keg? Officials Continue Discussing Safety of Colored Powder after Dust Explosion in Taiwan - Harrington Group 2016

We made the decision at Ministry of Colours that we don't want to take the risk.  We have taken the time to work with our manufacturing partners in India to produce a non-toxic colour powder.  The first of it's kind for the UK outdoor event marketplace.

It can simply be washed away after the event – from hair, clothes and the environment - although some colours might need more than one wash.

 We do recommend some extra eye protection, which is why we offer a fun range of great value sunglasses and sunvisors.

For in-depth information please take a look at our colour powder safety data sheet.

Party safely!