Children covered in colour powder after colour run

School Colour Runs - How To Organise

Colour runs are a super fun way to raise money for any number of causes such as charities, hospices, retirement homes or your local community. They emphasise fun over competition and as such, attract a larger number of participants who just want to have a fun day taking part in a bit of exercise whilst getting covered in colour powder! Sounds fun doesn’t it?

We’ve written a guide previously on how to organise a colour run in general which features lots of super helpful tips and advice, but today we’re concentrating on organising a colour run specifically for children at school and how the event could differ from a more ‘traditional’ colour run.

Pre-Colour Run

Choose A Fundraising Cause

Before looking to plan your school colour run, you need to choose what cause will be benefiting from your fundraising efforts. Whether that be a national or local charity, a deserving hospice or even just your local community in general, identify the fundraising goal early so that materials such as leaflets, newsletters, emails etc can be made to inform everyone on what it is that they’re raising money for.

Family covered in colour powder

Come Up With Further Fundraising Ideas

The colour run itself is of course the main fundraising drive, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be the only one. Depending on how big you want the event to be, you could invite parents or people from the local community to donate items for a raffle to raise further funds for your chosen cause. Or you could encourage students or volunteers to bake items for a bake sale too, a rather yummy way to raise more money!


Create Promotional Materials

The more you shout about your event, the likelihood of raising even more money increases (which is fantastic!). So include it in any regular materials that are sent to parents and if possible create materials specifically to raise awareness of the colour run too. From email campaigns to leaflets, whichever works best for you. It’s a great opportunity to ask for help from any parents too who may want to get involved.

People covered in colour powder

Advise Parents On What Children Should Wear

Understandably one of the concerns for most parents will be ‘will the colour powder stain my child’s clothes?’ Our advice is to dress for the mess, however, our colour powders will wash out of most materials when used correctly. Plus we even have plain white t-shirts that are perfect for the day if parents don’t want to risk the chance of staining their kid’s clothes. One further piece of advice would be to advise the students to wear glasses of some kind, just in case. We’ve got parents covered there too with sunglasses available in various crazy colours that their kids are sure to love!

Kids covered in colour powder

Plan Out The Course

When it comes to planning the colour run course for little ones, it’s a great idea to get even more creative to make it as fun as possible! So alongside multiple colour powder stations where teachers or volunteers will cover students in colour powder as the students run past, why not introduce additional playful elements too (budget permitting) such as;

Inflatables - Hiring an inflatable section for the day would certainly bring something different to the course and it’s sure to be a big hit with the kids. Or maybe even just an inflatable arch for the finish line would be pretty cool!

Slime - Alongside covering them in colour powder, squirting slime at the colour run participants will make things even messier! Which kids love! The slime will help the colour powder to stick even more too!

Bubbles - Having teachers, volunteers or even a dedicated bubble machine blowing bubbles towards the course just adds an extra element of fun to the run.

Foam - A foam pit would be another fun addition to your colour run and you could even use our colour powder to make the foam different colours too!

Tyres/inflatable rings/hurdles - Why not add another hurdle (sorry for the pun) for the little ones to face by adding obstacles such as tyres, inflatable rings or even small hurdles for them to jump over.

It’s also important to ensure the course is age-appropriate in terms of its length. Make sure all participants are able to complete the course and then you can add on an extra lap for those who want to run further.

Kids walking over obstacles

On The Day Of The Colour Run

Brief Teachers & Volunteers On Their Roles

To ensure the event goes as smoothly as possible, make sure teachers and volunteers know exactly what they’re doing on the day. Equip them with the right gear to cover participants in colour powder, slime or foam (whatever you choose) and instruct them on how to safely do it. We recommend putting the colour powder into buckets and then using your hands, plastic cups or bowls (get raiding the school kitchen) to scoop the powder out to throw at runners. Also make sure they’re on the lookout for any safety issues and have a reporting procedure in place for such events.

Colour powder cloud covering people

Strategically Place Colour Powder Throwing Stations

You’ll want to space these out throughout the course to ensure that participants get covered in colour powder throughout the run. Our colour fountains are ideal for the starting line with their blast of colour and 20m reach, they're sure to get everyone covered in colour and ready to run! If you do introduce other elements to the colour run such as slime and foam, then placing throwing stations directly after these will ensure that the powder sticks even more! 

You’ll also want to create a special moment at the finish line as this is where parents will be getting most of their photos! So make sure you have enough colour powder and volunteers to create a colour spectacle as runners cross the finish line. Our individual 100g bags are the ideal size for each runner to throw some powder in the air to create a colour cloud at the finish line! They’re perfect for a little colour fight afterwards too!

Post Colour Run

Colour Powder Cleaning Instructions

As mentioned earlier, parents will be understandably concerned about how to clean it off their child’s clothes and potentially the safety of the powder too. We recommend you print out our downloadable safety guide PDF and provide it to parents on the day. It’s also a good idea to share the link with all parents prior to the event too to set their mind at ease.

Blue and yellow colour powder covering a crowd of people

Let Everyone Know How Much Was Raised

Finally when the dust (or colour powder) has settled on the event and the donations have been counted up, make sure you share with everyone how much was raised! People want to know and it’s always a great feeling knowing that you’ve helped a good cause. 

Mother and child covered in colour powder

Hopefully our guide has helped you to plan your school colour run and you’re on course (sorry, another pun) to have a fun filled day to remember. Because after all, that’s what’s most important!

If you need any help in choosing the right products for your colour run, our team of experts will be happy to help, just use our contact form or call us on 0330 321 3996.