UV Colour Powder - Perfect For Halloween!

UV Colour Powder - Perfect For Halloween!

Please pause your pumpkin carving for a moment and come with us on a UV infused, colour-soaked ghost train ride to Halloween heaven (or Hell, depending on your views on at-home-crafting, parents). Our wonderful MoC team member, Ali, has put together a list of some spooktacular ideas for incorporating our brand new UV colour powder into your Halloween plans. Available in ‘orrible orange and gruesome green, our UV colour powder is so versatile, that there’ll definitely be many ways to give your kids’ Halloween  a big-time glow up! Let’s begin, if you dare…

T-Shirt Decorating

At the weekend, I used our UV colour powder to decorate T-shirts with my little ones. It was wonderful, messy, hilarious and something we will never forget! (Including the dog who is now a bit neon). As an ex-teacher, I really warmed to this particular task, because it’s so personal and so much fun for the children.
It’s super easy to do and there are lots of ways you can support even the littlest of little ones to make something exciting and something that is ultimately their own. All you need is a plain black T-shirt (which we sell), colour powder (which we sell), a UV torch (which we sell) and a PVA tube of glue (which we don’t sell; you’ll have to go to Tesco - other supermarkets are available).
Simply draw out your design on the T-shirt with glue and sprinkle on the powder to the density that you like the best. For my youngest, who is almost two, I drew out the designs and let her sprinkle on the powder (hence the neon dog), but my eldest, who is five, had a go at doing her own. They both loved it! And can’t wait to do it again for their Halloween party!

Halloween Parties

Speaking of which... Halloween parties. The only thing my children love as much as birthday parties is a good ol’ dress up for a Halloween party. Well, this year, why not up the ante and add in some UV colour powder? It’s so much fun for the kids to throw and create colour clouds with. And of course, under the UV light, it all glows in the dark and looks freakishly spectacular. Combine this element with your T-shirts and you’ll be the envy of the PTA all year round! (Unless you are the PTA, in which case: Well done, you smashed it.)
If you’d like to see a demo of me decorating a T-shirt myself, without the madness of kids and dogs, then take a look here.

Hacky Sacks

  If you’re looking for a unique party game to incorporate into your Halloween event, then we’ve got just the idea for you. Hacky sacks are such a fun way to make your powder last longer during your colour event. You basically fill up a sock with UV colour powder and use it to distribute the neon colour far and wide. Children can use them to have a colour war, play colour toss or simply throw about and have fun with! Here’s a step-by-step video on how to create one.

A customer, who used hacky sacks at her child’s party, fed back the following:
  “The hacky sacks lasted AGES! You could pick them up and sling them about over and over again. I really recommend them for getting creative with the games and activities you plan and play.” If you're interested in organising your own UV Halloween party, creating some frighteningly cool UV t-shirt designs, or if you’ve simply got any questions about anything, please get in touch at hello@ministryofcolours.com.
Wishing you all a fun filled, colourful Halloween!