Adult's White T-Shirt

Adult's White T-Shirt

- S - 34"/36" chest

Yes!  It's a plain white T-Shirt. Ideal for wearing to colour events. A blank canvas to create lasting memories. See how much colour you can attract AND it saves on washing!

How to fix the colour powder to the T-Shirt.

1. Do not shake off any excess colour powder on the T-Shirt .
2. Carefully remove T-Shirt (the more you move, the more powder will fall off)
3. Put T-Shirt into a bag to keep it safe, until you can;
4. Lay your T-Shirt flat and soak with white vinegar - use spray bottle and generously spray T-Shirt (note, colours may bleed together as the fabric becomes wet).
5. Dry your T-Shirt flat.
6. Iron the T-Shirt to set the colour.
7. Put the T-Shirt In the tumble dryer for about 10 minutes on high to further set the colours.

Cotton. Washable.

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