Rangoli Art Colour Kit - Authentic Marble Dust

Rangoli Art Colour Kit - Authentic Marble Dust

From planning and drawing a Rangoli design, through to completing it with coloured sand or other colorful materials, the whole process is calming and soothing. The completion of a beautiful, colourful design is also extremely satisfying. You don't need to do it on the floor either. A flat work surface or large tray means you can create your design in comfort.

With this kit,  you can create your own unique patterns and you can buy refill bags for your bottles to create many more. To add texture to your designs, you can use a range of household objects as tools, such a spoons, pencils and even combs. Other objects such as cups, lids and coins can also be used to create the designs more easily, but over time, you might like to practice pouring the sand through your fingers in the traditional way. To add an extra dimension to your mindfulness experience, why not try some of our scented sand?

Find yourself a quite, comfortable space away from all distractions and lose yourself in the art of Rangoli. 

Our Rangoli tips

  • Practice with one colour before adding multiple colours to your template, this way you can pour the sand back into the bottle
  • Include texture in your designs! Use a pencil, spoon, or any other household items to add depth to your creation
  • Use glue on your template so your design can be framed!
  • Don't forget your refills
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