Peacock Rangoli pattern created with vibrant colours

4 Rangoli Art Ideas To Get Started

Rangoli art, with its vibrant colours and unique designs, has been an important part of Indian culture for centuries. Materials such as marble dust, coloured rice or rocks are used to create intricate and colourful Rangoli designs on the floor, typically during festivals and celebrations such as Diwali.

Since the launch of our new Rangoli art kits, we’ve been enjoying practising our own Rangoli patterns and getting to grips with producing colourful designs. If you’ve never given Rangoli art a go before, then you’re missing out! Not only does it look amazing, but creating Rangoli art can be a very relaxing activity and allows you to practise mindfulness to calm your mind. 

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry as we’ve put together this guide of 4 common Rangoli designs to get you started. Grab yourself a Rangoli kit and let's start creating!

Flower Rangoli

Flowers are a common symbol in Rangoli art and feature in a lot of patterns due to their elegance and beauty.  There are so many ways to bring flowers into your Rangoli art, whether you opt for a singular, large flower as your design or create an entire garden of gorgeous flowers with different sizes and shapes. Either way, this is an opportunity to let your imagination blossom!


Flower Rangoli art design created using vibrant colours


Peacock Rangoli

Peacocks are very majestic animals, known for their stunning plumage of colourful feathers. This makes peacocks a popular choice for Rangoli art as their vibrant colours and intricate patterns are ideal for incorporating into designs. 

Peacock Rangoli designs can be made by drawing a large circular outline as the base of your design. Make sure to add a neck and head to your design to bring your peacock to life. Then, use shades of blue, green and purple (or whatever colours take your fancy!) to outline the circle with patterns that resemble feathers. Follow this easy peacock Rangoli tutorial to create your own stand out design.


Peacock Rangoli art design created using vibrant colours


Mandala Rangoli

A mandala is a geometric design that is symbolic within the Hindu culture. In Sanskrit, the classical language of India, mandala translates to circle, the common shape of these designs. They are then filled with intricate and detailed patterns that join together with a single, central point. Mandalas serve a specific purpose and are used to enlighten the mind and assist with healing during meditation.

 Creating your own mandala Rangoli pattern can be very soothing and a therapeutic experience, whilst also allowing you to get creative and colourful with your design. Begin by drawing a central circle, then gradually expand outwards with geometric patterns and symmetrical shapes. If you’re in need of some mandala inspiration, download our Rangoli design templates to get started!


Mandala Rangoli art design created using vibrant colours


Lotus Pond Rangoli

The lotus flower and lotus ponds symbolise serenity and tranquillity and therefore often appear in Rangoli patterns. These patterns are created to provide a sense of peace and harmony and are commonly used in meditation or spiritual spaces.

 To create your own lotus pond Rangoli, start by sketching a large lotus flower in the centre of your design and then surround this with floating leaves. Using bright colours of pink and green, bring this scene to life and outline the design in white to really make it pop.


Lotus Rangoli art design created using vibrant colours


It doesn’t matter whether you’re an artist or a beginner, Rangoli art is something that everyone can get involved in to release their creative flair whilst also winding down and completing a relaxing activity. 

Our Rangoli art kits are a great way to get started with this activity and are perfect for beginners. Our kits are made from authentic marble dust and are available in 7 bright colours that come in easy to use squeezy bottles, giving you complete control over your design. And don’t worry about running out of colours as we also have Rangoli refill packs to ensure that you can keep creating your wonderful designs. You can even take your Rangoli art to the next level with our Rangoli Ylang Ylang scented marble dust!

 If you require any extra information about our range of Rangoli products then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re more than happy to help!