Colour Powder Extinguisher Gender Reveal

Colour Powder Extinguisher Gender Reveal

Now we all love a balloon pop reveal, but if you're wanting to take your gender reveal to the next level, Ministry of Colours are here to add an air of excitement to the day!

First Communication 

When we were first contacted by former Love Island contestant, Biggs Chris, we knew that it wasn't going to be a low-key event... Biggs had the idea of using day fireworks for the special day, but after a quick conversation, it was decided that the event would go ahead with Ministry of Colours gender reveal products instead. Biggs and Summer weren't going to be finding out the gender, so the order was placed by Biggs' mother.

Highlighting the brilliance of colour fountains

 Ministry of Colours supplied four gender reveal colour fountains for Biggs and Summer's party, enabling them to unveil the gender of their baby in a unique and captivating way. Our colour fountains are designed with a sleek white exterior, effectively concealing the surprise inside. We use the letters A and B to differentiate between the two gender options, ensuring a seamless reveal process. Couples who prefer to keep the gender a secret can order these fountains without knowing the outcome themselves, by arranging to hand over an envelope to one of our friendly employees at our offices. If this isn't convenient,  a friend or family member can place the order for them.

Unveiling the magic

Guests eagerly gathered around the beautiful backdrop of balloons, Biggs and Summer, brimming with anticipation, were about to reveal the gender of their little one with a blast of vibrant colour. Our fountains were situated strategically behind them to create an enchanting spectacle. As the countdown reached one, a cascade of blue hues engulfed the gardens and and everyone was cheering and celebrating the wonderful news. Biggs & Summer are expecting a baby boy!

Sharing moments of joy

Not only were the gender reveal colour fountains visually stunning, but they also provided an interactive element that allowed guests to actively participate in the revelation. Laughter and cheers filled the air as friends and family, armed with their cameras, captured precious moments of pure joy. The Ministry of Colours gender reveal colour fountains played an essential role in creating a memorable experience for everyone present.

A beautiful day

Biggs and Summer's party was nothing short of magical. The vibrant burst of colour, joyous atmosphere, and contagious excitement made this event truly unforgettable. If you're planning a gender reveal party, make sure to check out our colour fountains to add that extra touch of enchantment, making your celebration a cherished memory for years to come!

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