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End of Year Colour Run Activities for Primary School Children

School’s nearly out for Summer! How quickly has that school year gone? The end of a school year is always a good time for celebration and also a chance to reflect on everything that’s happened this year. Your students will be excited for the Summer break, full of energy and ready to celebrate in style.

There’s almost too many options out there these days when it comes to party ideas, so we thought we’d compile a list of activities that are sure to engage your students and ensure they have a memorable end to their school year.

So let’s get started…

End of Year Awards Ceremony

Everyone loves receiving prizes, especially your little ones and an end of year awards ceremony is a lovely little way to uniquely celebrate each and every student for their positive contributions this year. Simply create, print and laminate various award certificates that celebrate something that your students individually excel in or maybe even highlights a stand out moment when the student went above and beyond during the school year.

When it comes to handing out the awards, why not rearrange the classroom a little too and create a makeshift red carpet for the kids to walk on? A quick and easy way to create this would be through some red crafting paper and taping it to the ground. Little details like that will make it even more memorable for each and every student.

Pink trophy being held aloft

Summer Bucket List

I remember when I was little, the six week holidays seemed to last forever! Playing outside for days on end without a care in the world, so many fantastic memories were made. So why not get your students thinking ahead to their Summer activities and all the new memories they can make? Ask them to create a bucket list of everything they want to achieve during the summer break and then their new teacher can check in with them all on their first day back, which will be a nice icebreaker.

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Cake, Cake and More Cake

What is a party without cake? You could dip into the school budget to provide students with lots of baked goods yumminess, but why not get the kids involved? Ask them all to bake a cake or sweet treat at home and to then bring them into school on the last day for everyone to enjoy. You can even ask them all what their favourite part about baking was too!


Outdoor Colour Powder Games

Now it’s time to get a little messy, but kids love messy, right? Setting up a range of games and activities outside that involve our colour powder is a sure fire way to get your students burning off all that excited energy and making a bunch of amazing memories too.

There’s plenty of party games to play that are improved even further with the colourful twist that our colour powder brings to them. Here’s a few ideas that your students are sure to love. To be honest, I’m rather jealous that I can’t join in!


Colour Toss

First of all, you’ll need a big bunch of socks to create your hacky sacks! See how to make your own here. Once that’s complete, line your students up in two lines facing each other. Instruct them to throw the hacky sack at one another and then take a step back after each successful throw. The first person to drop the sack in each partnership is out and the thrower is the winner!

Colour powder granules


Four Corners

Place four laundry baskets in a square (fairly far apart from one another to give room for the kids to run between them) and divide everyone into four teams. Place a different colour sock in each basket, (you’ll need four different colours for this). On go, the first person in line races to the other baskets to pick up a sock of their teams’ colour, then the next person in line goes when they return and so on. The goal is to get three socks of your teams’ colour into your basket first.

Children running

Capture The Colour

For this you’ll need balls from the P.E cupboard, so make sure they aren’t needed elsewhere that day. Teachers need to hide plenty of balls and colour socks around the school field (be inventive) and place a basket at each team’s base. The goal of the game is to capture as many balls in your team’s basket within the allotted time. However the colour powder socks can be used to throw at opposing teams and once someone has been hit, they have to drop everything and return to their base.

On their return, their team commander (teacher) may have a small task for them to complete, like five jumping jacks, count to ten or sing a nursery rhyme, once they’ve completed that, they can return to the game and try to gather those balls for their team.

Assortment of Balls


Balloon Pop

Fill a bunch of different balloons with a little bit of colour powder and air, ensuring that the different team colours are evenly represented throughout all the balloons, For example, 10 balloons with red colour powder in them, 10 with yellow and so forth. Mix the balloons up and then teams take it in turns to have one member pick up a balloon and hold it above their head. The teacher then pops the balloon and if the colour is their teams, they score 3 points! However if it’s not, the team who’s colour it is, scores 1 point.

Colourful Balloons


Shirt Signing

This is probably aimed more at those students in year 6 and heading to secondary school, but a fantastic and memorable tradition for pupils is to sign each other’s school shirts, providing each student with a lovely memento for the rest of their lives. Encourage this by providing marker pens, just make sure you forewarn parents ahead of time so there’s no surprises.

Sharpie Pens

Big Quiz of the Year

Last but not least, hosting a quiz with questions centred around what the students learned this year and any big events that occurred is a great way to get them thinking and working together as a team. You could even provide the winning team with a prize, maybe some bags of our colour powder would go down a treat? Or maybe a few pairs of our cool sunglasses?

Students in classroom

Hopefully we’ve helped to bring some more ideas to the table for your end of school year party and I'm sure no matter what you have planned, your students will have a wonderful time!

If you’re looking to use some of our colour powder within your party games, be sure to use our custom calculator. It’s super easy to use, simply enter how many students will be involved and it’ll let you know our suggestion for how many bags you’ll need. Although, remember that you’ll have to take into account various colours when it comes to the games suggested.

If you’d like to talk to one of our team members regarding your school party, we’d be happy to help and provide you with any guidance we can. We also have a handy colour powder information sheet that contains helpful advice on the properties of the colour powder itself and we’ve answered a wide range of FAQ’s, so be sure to check that out too.

Have a great party guys!