How To Use Colour Powder at Christmas

How To Use Colour Powder at Christmas

Can you believe that Christmas is less than 3 weeks away?! How quickly has that come around? We are well and truly in the Christmas spirit here at Ministry of Colours and have been enjoying plenty of holiday fun and treats recently.

We’ve been thinking though, how can we add more festive fun to our celebrations? The answer of course was staring us right in the face, by making it more colourful with colour powder! There are many ways colour powder can be used during the Christmas/winter season to brighten up your holidays and create memorable experiences with all of the family. It’s a great excuse to get creative and bring some joy to everyone involved!

Colourful Snow Angels

We’ve seen some early snowfall already which has left us wondering, might we have a White Christmas this year? How wonderful would that be?! If that is the case though, we’ll be turning it into a Colourful Christmas with this brightly coloured activity. 

Simply grab your choice of colour powder and sprinkle a covering of it on the snow. Next comes the chilly but fun part! Lie down in the snow and go wild to create your snow angel and spread the colour powder around. When you stand up you should have left a bright snow angel shape in the snow, presenting a great picture opportunity! We recommend using old clothing that you don’t mind getting a bit colourful for this activity as like any other colour powder, our powder can stain clothing.

Two girls making snow angels in the snow

DIY Christmas Decorations

Next up is an activity for those who love getting crafty and creative and making DIY decorations for the holidays. There are a few ways to incorporate colour powder into your Christmas decorations, with our favourite being DIY colour powder baubles! 

Grab a selection of clear, plastic baubles and pour different colours of your choice into them. Once filled up, give your bauble a shake to spread the powder around and there you have it, a range of multicoloured decorations for your tree that have a handmade quality! You could even take your baubles to the next level by drawing Christmas-themed designs on the front of them or writing your and your family’s names across them.

A plain transparent bauble against a snowy background

Christmas Photoshoot

Family photoshoots are a staple of the Christmas season and are a great way to document how your family has grown over the years. We have an idea on how to make your photos even more exciting and joyful for everyone involved, a colour explosion photoshoot!

Using red and green colour powder for a festive feel, get all of the family together and have someone throw colour powder at you all or get everyone involved by throwing it at each other. You will have to brave the outside cold for this one however! We recommend wearing white t-shirts or jumpers so the colour powder stands out even more.

A man and a woman throwing colour powder each other outside

New Year’s Eve Colour Fountains

Not only is Christmas coming up but so is New Year’s Eve and this next idea is a great way to help see the New Year in. All you need is a couple of our colour powder fountains which make for a great choice instead of fireworks as you can have the visual delight of colour powder without causing any distress to local animals! As Big Ben strikes 12 and the New Year officially rings in, release your colour powder fountain to let off an explosion of colour powder in the air, getting your 2024 off to a colourful start!

Colour powder can make a fun, creative and colourful addition to your Christmas and holiday celebrations. Whether you use it for your family photoshoot, to DIY your own Christmas decorations or as part of your snow day fun, you’re bound to have an enjoyable and memorable experience!

If you use colour powder at all during the winter season as part of your festive fun then we’d love to receive your photos and videos and see what creative activities you’ve gotten up to! Please send them to or feel free to tag us on social media, @theministryofcolours, and let us know if you’d be happy for us to use them on our own social pages!