The Top 5 Festival Accessories

The Top 5 Festival Accessories

The summertime means only one thing for many people: the festival season.

It's arguably the best time of the year to get together with friends, hit the road, and take a long weekend out to have the time of your life at a festival. But to ensure the best experience, what should you take with you other than the essentials? Fear not, Ministry of Colours are here to help! If you're looking to supercharge your festival experience with our array of fun and colourful accessories, then this blog is for you.

Whether you’re heading to a music festival like Glastonbury, or an arts festival like Edinburgh Arts Festival, there's nothing quite like soaking up the sun with some of your closest friends and family. However, a massive part of pre-festival planning involves making a statement with your outfit and accompanying accessories. With that in mind, we've selected some of our most popular festival essentials that you won't want to leave the house without!

Our Top 5 Festival Accessories


Striking the perfect balance between style and practicality, our colourful UV400 sunglasses are here to brighten up your festival, all while keeping your eyes protected from the sun. Sunglasses are essential protection at any event, but at a festival you are best leaving your Oakley or Ray-Ban at home. Opt for a pack of value sunglasses that you don’t mind losing in the big crowds! Pick some up for your friends too so you can all join in on the fun.

sunglasses bright multi colour


It's time to head home and get some sleep when the sun goes down at a festival, right? Wrong! The party is only just getting started as the night descends, so you’ll be needing some flashy accessories to bring some light to the occasion. Wear our glow sticks around your neck to make a statement and continue the party long into the night. The perfect product to get your rave on!


Good weather is never guaranteed at festivals, or the UK in general! Sometimes, out of the blue (quite literally), a downpour comes along that can really dampen your festival spirit. Wearing a bulky raincoat throughout the festival is never a good idea, as you'll only be left awkwardly holding it when the weather brightens up again. Don't let a little rain ruin your festival experience. With our compact, lightweight and waterproof poncho, you can pull this accessory out to keep yourself dry while others run for shelter! Our waterproof phone pouches are also a great investment to keep your mobile devices protected whilst capturing the festival in all its glory, no matter the weather. 


Festivals can transcend into some of the muddiest places on earth. You don't want to be taking your designer tops to get ruined, should the weather turn. Invest in some of our plain, budget friendly T-Shirts that can be disposed of without breaking the bank!


Add a splash of colour to your festival with bags of safe and vibrant colour powder! There is no other product that promotes joy and togetherness quite like our colour powder does. Cover your friends and loved ones in an array of colours to really stand out in the sea of festivalgoers.

Get Festival Ready Now!

Lifelong memories are made at festivals, so ensure you're well-equipped! After purchasing our list of accessories, you should be all set for making the most out of any festival. Simply head over to the Ministry of Colours store, where you can pick up all of the festival accessories listed in this blog, and more! Get your fill of products, then rock up to your next festival or rave in style.