What Is A Colour Run?

What Is A Colour Run?

Taking inspiration from the ancient Hindu festival of Holi, a colour run is a fun run with a difference. Colour powder is thrown at passing runners from colour stations that are dotted along a course. Focusing more on creating memories than the time you get around the track, this makes a colour run a perfect family event!

But how does a colour run work, I hear you ask! Let me guide you through it all...

When to hold a colour run

One of the biggest risks with planning a colour run is the weather. The perfect colour run weather is a warm, dry and still day. Think spring time or early summer. Running in the middle of the day in the height of summer can cause overheating, so take this into consideration.

If possible, plan the course on a field or grassy area. You can run on tarmac, however most people find running on grass more comfortable. If you don't have your own space to use, speak with your council authority about using a park, or ask local businesses that have outdoor space available if they would be happy to let you use it.


Get recruiting early, colour runs are an hands-on-deck event! You'll need volunteers at colour stations, refreshment and activity stalls and of course marshalling the event. If you're finding it difficult to get confirmed volunteers, reach out to local businesses. Not only does it look good for their Corporate Social Responsibility, but it's a really fun team activity!  

What to wear?

White is the colour of choice for a colour run. Our white t-shirts are the perfect canvas for the vibrant colour powders to stand out. We also offer a bespoke printing service, get in touch for a quote. 

Eye protection is a must, as with anything, if our colour powder goes in your eyes it can cause irritation. We have a range of vibrant and affordable sunglasses available here.

Our motto is dress for mess as the colour powders can cause staining, so don't wear your fancy white trainers! We recommend comfortable and sturdy trainers, that you don't mind getting mucky. Colour powder on tarmac can be slippy, so be sure to take care! It's worth having a waiver available for runners/children who are taking part - we have an waiver template available to download.

What is colour powder?

Contrary to popular belief, the powders that are thrown at colour runs aren't paint. Our powders are made from corn starch and food grade dyes. They're designed to be kind to skin, so we don't add any preservatives or bulking agents. You can find out more about our colour powders by reading through our material and safety data sheet.

Charity colour run

As seen in the Forget Me Not Children's Hospice case study, a colour run can be an incredibly profitable event. Increase profit by having refreshment stalls available, sell accessories and 100g bags of colour powder to spectators, and have the usual 'whack-a-mole', buy a bottle and teddy tombola stalls available. These are great ways to raise more money.

Photo opportunities

The best way to capture the vibrancy of the day is to organise a 'colour cloud' at the end of the run. Simply throw handfulls of colour powder, or opened 100g bags, into the air to create a wonderful rainbow cloud of colours! This will give you wonderful images to share after the event, and can also be used for promotion for next years event! 

Hopefully you've now got a better understanding of what a colour run is and how it all works. If you still have any questions, get in touch with our friendly team of colour experts who will be more than happy to help!