A couple doing a gender reveal on a beach popping a balloon full of colour powder

Gender Reveal Ideas To Celebrate The Exciting News

Here’s a fun fact for you all that you might not have known - September is the most popular month for babies to be born! That’s right, data has shown that 8 out 10 of the top dates of birth were in September, particularly towards the end of the month. Having a baby is an exciting time and there are lots of joyful moments that happen in the run-up to the birth. These include hospital scans, baby showers and of course, gender reveals!

Gender reveals have massively grown in popularity over the years and parents are choosing to announce their baby’s gender in a unique and special way, with family and friends gathered all in one place. 

There’s been some wacky and wonderful gender reveal ideas that have gone viral over the years (sometimes for the wrong reasons!) but we’re here to bring you a list of some of the best gender reveal ideas that you can do at home with friends and family. 

Let’s get started.

Gender Reveal Cake

A simple but effective idea that will not only look great, but taste great too and your guests will definitely be pleased to have a sweet treat after the big reveal! 

Using cakes as part of your gender reveal can be done in different ways, such as with a big, show-stopping cake that reveals either blue or pink frosting inside when cut into. Or if you want to involve all of your guests, hand everyone an individual gender reveal cupcake, so everyone finds out together when they bite into it. 

Blue and pink gender reveal cupcakes

Gender Reveal Balloon

Using a balloon to reveal the baby’s gender is a popular choice and a super fun way to make the announcement for everyone to see. Balloons are also quite versatile and offer different uses to make your reveal special. Using a large cardboard box, fill this with either multiple pink or blue helium balloons, or one large balloon and when the box opens and the balloons rise up, the celebrations can begin!

Or if you’re looking for something a little bit more fun, grab a giant black helium balloon and fill it with either blue or pink colour powder. Then, surrounded by family either pop the balloon yourself or involve children and siblings for the perfect gender reveal!

Couple on a beach popping a gender reveal balloon to reveal blue powder

Gender Reveal Colour Fountains

Using a gender reveal colour fountain is a fantastic and entertaining way to announce the exciting news to your guests - just make sure you do this outside! Our colour fountains are white in design, concealing the colour of the powder inside, and are super easy to use. Simply hold upright, connect the black hose, remove the safety pin and fire! For 20 continuous seconds, you will experience a stream of either blue or pink powder to elevate your special moment, making for a great photo opportunity and providing memories to last a lifetime!

We were thrilled to recently supply former Love Islander, Biggs Chris and his partner Summer, four gender reveal colour fountains for their gender reveal party which looked absolutely gorgeous. Experience the burst of colour and excitement in their reveal video.

Couple celebrating their gender reveal with a blue colour fountain

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon

Who doesn’t love a bit of confetti? Confetti cannons make for an impressive and striking gender reveal, shooting pink or blue confetti into the air to surprise guests. Additionally, confetti cannons provide a fantastic photo opportunity, allowing you to capture the magic of the moment forever. 

You can also choose to get all of your guests involved with the fun, supplying everyone at the party with a confetti cannon and letting them all go off at the same time, a great way to share the enjoyment!

People celebrating a gender reveal with a pink confetti canon

Gender Reveal Pinata

If you’re looking for a more unique idea for your gender reveal party, why not use a pinata to make the special announcement? This will allow you to get your guests involved in revealing the big surprise as they have a go at trying to crack it open, especially for any soon-to-be siblings! Either order a pinata full of pink or blue confetti or have a go at making one yourself if you’re wanting to show off your DIY skills.

Pink and blue pinata hung up in a garden

Celebrating the gender of your soon-to-arrive bundle of joy is an incredibly exciting time and whether you opt for a more classic reveal with balloons, or something more unique, you’re bound to have created memories with loved ones that you’ll cherish forever.

If you do happen to use any of our products as part of your special day, we’d love to know how it went. Send us your pictures or videos to hello@ministryofcolours.com and we may share them across our social media pages!