Large group of people throwing colour powder

Colour Powder v Powder Paint: What’s The Difference?

Colour powder and powder paint, they’re the same thing, right? Actually… no, they’re quite different in fact. We often see people referring to colour powder as powder paint, so we thought we’d settle the question once and for all and let everyone know the difference between the two.

The Difference

What is colour powder?

Colour powder is a fine, bright powder that is typically used to throw at events, such as festivals, colour runs and parties.

The original name given to colour powder is Gulal and it has been used in centuries-old traditions, such as Holi, the Indian Festival of Colour. Holi is a celebration for communities to come together, dance and throw/apply colour powder on each other. Celebrations still occur annually across the world, usually in the springtime, and colour powder continues to play a big part in these festivities.

People at a party throwing coloured powder

Using colour powder offers a fun, safe and non-toxic way for people to add something extra to their events and celebrations.

What is powder paint?

Powder paint is very similar to colour powder in the sense that it is also a powder that comes in a variety of colours, so we can understand where the confusion comes from. However, powder paint is a coloured pigment that when mixed with water creates a wet paint and is used as an alternative to poster paint.

The Materials

What is colour powder made of?

Traditionally colour powder was made using corn starch and natural colourants from berries, flowers, plants and spices, which also made it beneficial for the skin. As colour powder has become more popular and in higher demand, naturally sourced colourants have become replaced with synthetic colourings. 

We have ensured that our colour powder draws upon tradition and is made using just corn starch and natural vegetable, cosmetic or food-grade dyes. We’ve also made certain that it’s non-toxic and safe for use, making it the perfect choice for any colourful event.

What is powder paint made of?

Powder paint is typically chalk based and made from finely ground pigments, which gives artwork the same bright colour that would be achieved with poster or acrylic paint. It is non-toxic and therefore safe for children to use.

How To Use

How to use colour powder

The most popular way to use colour powder of course is to throw it! Most often you’ll find people doing this at traditional Holi festivals during the springtime or at organised colour runs. This is most effective when everyone wears plain white t-shirts or clothing, allowing the powder to stand out and create a more colourful explosion.

Large crowd of people throwing colour powder

There are so many different ways to use colour powder however and we love seeing the creative ways our customers use our products. These have included at home colour parties, gender reveals and most recently, a divorce party!

How to use powder paint

Powder paint is popular with teachers and used most often in schools and nurseries due to its versatility and being a more cost-effective choice than poster paint as it minimises waste. Children can simply mix water with the powder to choose how thick or runny they want it to be and then paint as normal! Just like you’d mix ready-made paint together, powder paints can be combined to make new colours.

A child holding a paintbrush painting on paper

Powder paint however shouldn’t be thrown. This should only be done with a much finer throwing powder, such as our colour powder.

We hope this has cleared a few things up for you and you’re now wiser about the difference between colour powder and powder paint!

We don’t know much when it comes to powder paint, but we’re the experts for any colour powder requirements, so if you need any help finding the right products for your colourful event, please get in touch and our team will be happy to help.